Hardware Warranty Terms & Conditions

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Updated on Aug 07, 2023

Altai Technologies Limited (“Altai”) provides a limited hardware warranty (the “Warranty”) to the original purchasing customer (the “Customer”) for Altai products (the “Products”) as described below. The Warranty extends only to the Customer and may not be transferrable to any other party.


1. Order, Charges and Payment

1.1Warranty Period

Altai provides a Warranty free of charge for a period of twelve (12) months from the date a Product unit is delivered to the Customer from Altai (the “Free Warranty”).
1.2Prior to the expiry of the Free Warranty period, the Customer may sign a purchase order (the “Order”) with Altai for extended hardware warranty (the “Extended Warranty”), with the information of Extended Warranty period, starting date (the “Starting Date”), serial number (the “S/N”), and corresponding charges (the “Charges”) specified in the Order. Independent of the date an Order is signed between the Customer and Altai; the Starting Date of Extended Warranty shall be the date next following the expiry of Free Warranty or the immediate expired Extended Warranty. The Product will be subjected to inspection and repair by Altai at the Customer’s expense prior to the acceptance of an Order, if the Order is signed after thirty (30) days from date of expiry of Free Warranty or the immediate expired Extended Warranty. Altai reserves the right of not offering Extended Warranty to the Customer if the Product is out of Warranty for more than thirty (30) days.
1.3Altai shall invoice the Customer once an Order for Extended Warranty is signed.
1.4The Customer must pay the 100% Charge to Altai within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice or seven (7) days before the expiry of Free Warranty or the immediate expired Extended Warranty, whichever is earlier (the “Due Date”), by banking remittance at cost of the Customer to the Altai’s designated bank account.
1.5The Customer shall fax or email the payment receipt to Altai’s sales representative upon completion of payment. The fax number is +852 2607 4021.
1.6If the Customer does not pay the Charge by the Due Date, Altai may suspend the provision of any services as stipulated in the Extended Warranty until the date the payment receipt is received and acknowledged by Altai’s sales representative. Altai will not be liable for any penalties from or loss accrued to the Customer before the date the payment receipt is received and acknowledged by Altai’s sale representative. In case of payment after the Due Date, the starting date of Extended Warranty will remain unchanged.
1.7Altai may suspend or terminate the Extended Warranty in case that the payment of Charges is not received for more than thirty (30) days after the Due Date.


2. Warranty

2.1Altai warrants that, within the Free Warranty or Extended Warranty period, all Products supplied by Altai conform to the product specifications, and that they are of good material and workmanship and free from all defects in material or workmanship so long as the Products have been stored in normal conditions for storage of the Products and the defect is not resulted from any improper use, undue treatment or wear and tear, and that Altai has good and marketable title to, and there are no liens, claims or encumbrances whatsoever against the Products delivered by Altai to the Customer. Altai may, at its option, either repair or replace any defective product returned by the Customer at Altai’s cost and Altai’s general procedure of returned material authorization (the “RMA”) in Section 5 of this Agreement shall provide the appropriate details for the implementation of the Warranty hereunder.
2.2The Customer shall return, at the Customer’s expense, the defective Products for the claim of Warranty hereunder to Altai’s facility and Altai shall deliver the repaired/replaced Products to the Customer at Altai’s expense (except for C1n series which shall follow Section 5.2). The exporting party shall take care of all export procedures and costs. The importing party shall take care of all import procedures and costs.

2.3The foregoing warranties shall constitute the only warranties of Altai, and are in lieu of any and all warranties, whether expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties for merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose and for non-infringement of third party rights, all of which are hereby specifically disclaimed.


Altai’s warranty shall not apply if Products are modified by the Customer or third parties, or damage including without limitation resulting from any accident; abuse or negligence; willful or intentional acts; interconnecting or use of unauthorized equipment; attachment or parts not meeting applicable specifications; repair or alternations by unauthorized personnel; failure to meet environmental, weatherproof, surge protection, telecommunications or electrical power requirements or the interruption or impropriety thereof; normal weathering such as rusting and normal wear; damage resulting from accident, fire, flood, earthquake, thundering, lightning, or other acts of God, acts of third parties, or any cause other than normal use of the equipment. Altai’s warranty shall not apply to consumable items including: (a) RF cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables and connectors; (b) mounting kits, steel clamps, wire clamps, table stand and accessories; and (c) power cords and power connectors.

2.5Forfeit of Warranty

The Customer agrees to forfeit the Warranty or Extended Warranty if the Product has been opened, disassembled or repaired by the Customer. Further, when the warranty sticker on the Product is found to be broken upon Altai’s inspection on the returned Product, the Product will be interpreted as has been opened by the Customer.


3. Acceptance and Rejection of Products

3.1Physical Inspection

Customer shall have seven (7) days for physical inspection from the date of receipt of the Product. Customer shall check whether the “Tested and Passed” seal labels are remained intact on top and bottom of the carton box, the packing and product outlook are good, and the quantities of Product and accessories are correct. Product shall be deemed accepted in quantity and physical conditions if there is no report of physical damage within the physical inspection period. In case of physical damage, including but not limited to transportation and shipment damage, Customer shall report to Altai Professional Service Support Centre (the “Support Centre”) with the photos and S/N of the damaged Product attached.

3.2Dead on Arrival

A product that has a hardware failure which prevents basic operation upon its first use out of the box may be deemed dead on arrival (the “DOA”). The DOA period is defined as 30 days from the product’s date of delivery.

The Customer shall report to Support Centre, who will then verify the defect, and coordinate with Altai’s sales representative to give appropriate reply and follow up service to the Customer. The Customer may be asked to fill in a Trouble Ticket Form for written details of the defect. Altai has the final right in deciding if a DOA is valid. The Customer shall wait for the reply from the sales representative before shipping the Product to Altai’s facility.

The Customer may choose to go through the normal RMA process, or may request the DOA product to be handled according to the Advance Replacement process as described in section 3.5.

3.3Rejected Product shall be repaired/replaced with conforming Product within two (2) weeks after receipt of the rejected Product (except BX Series Wireless Bridge, MIS Industrial Switch Series, AltaiCare Appliance and AltaiGate which takes six (6) weeks). The Customer shall have the right to inspect and test such repaired/replaced Product within two (2) weeks of delivery.

3.4The Customer shall return the rejected Products to Altai’s facility at the Customer’s expense and Altai shall deliver the repaired/replaced Products to the Customer at Altai’s expense. The returned DOA units must be brand new, unused and with all original packaging. Damages due to transportation and shipment shall be claimed through insurance rather than the DOA process.

3.5Advance Replacement

In case of urgency or otherwise and subject to Altai’s consent, Altai will advance replace a conforming Product to the Customer before the Customer returning the DOA unit. However, if the returned DOA unit is found to be used, without complete packaging or not fulfilling the DOA conditions as stated in Section 3.4 above, Altai will charge the Customer a reasonable fee as appropriate.


4. Defect Verification Service

4.1Troubleshooting, a process to identify the causes leading to system failure or malfunction and to determine whether the problem is related to the Product or not, is the prime responsibility of the Customer. However, if the Product is under Free Warranty or Extended Warranty, Altai may provide assistance to the Customer on troubleshooting or just provide verification on the alleged defect (the “Defect Verification”) in order to minimize unnecessary return of Product to Altai for repair/replacement. If the Product is out of Warranty, Altai may not provide Defect Verification to the Customer. The Customer may purchase the Technical Support Service from Altai in order to have troubleshooting service from Altai, together with other services included in the service package.

4.2Most of the Product technical manuals formally issued by Altai include common defect symptoms and the corresponding troubleshooting procedures. The Customer shall provide qualified engineer and follow the technical manuals and documents for the troubleshooting.

4.3Our Contacts

During Free Warranty or Extended Warranty period, Altai will provide Defect Verification service to the Customer by means of Online Ticket System, telephone, instant messaging (e.g. Skype, WhatsApp or WeChat), email, as well as through telnet and web admin if remote access to the Product is available during office hours, and Online Ticket System and email during non-office hours. The telephone and email for Altai Professional Services Support Centre are +852 3758 6040 and support@altaitechnologies.com respectively. Instant messaging channel can be set up when dedicated support engineer is assigned as necessary.

4.4Office hours are defined as 09:00 am to 18:00 pm Hong Kong Time (GMT+8) Monday through Friday excluding public holidays in Hong Kong.

4.5The Customer shall report product defects by contacting the Support Centre or by means of submitting Trouble Ticket in accordance with the Defect Verification Handling Procedure as shown in Exhibit 1.

4.6The Customer must check for the validity of Warranty or Extended Warranty before shipping RMA units for repair according to the RMA procedures as stipulated in Section 5 below.

4.7Altai shall verify if defect exists on the Product. The Customer shall assist Altai in identifying the defect.

4.8At the end of Defect Verification process;

(a)If no defect on the Product is found, the case shall be closed;
(b)If defect is found on the Product that can be solved at site, the Customer shall follow Altai’s workaround instructions and notify Altai the result. If there is no reply from the Customer within 2 weeks, Altai will assume the problem is resolved and will close the case; or
(c)If defect is found and hardware repair is required, Altai shall send email confirmation to the Customer according to the RMA procedures as stipulated in Section 5 below.


5. Return Material Authorization (RMA) Procedures

5.1The Customer must go through the Defect Verification process in Section 4 before requesting for RMA. At the end of the Defect Verification process, if Altai confirms that hardware return for repair/replacement is required, the Customer shall follow the RMA Handling Procedure as shown in Exhibit 2 and detailed description below:

(a)The Customer shall complete a Customer Trouble Ticket Form and submit it via Altai Online Ticket System. All information and appropriate log files as requested in the Trouble Ticket are to be completed by the Customer for Altai’s verification.
(b)Altai will apply for an import license from the Government and, upon completion, will notify the Customer via the Online Ticket System. THE CUSTOMER SHALL OBTAIN CONSENT FROM ALTAI BEFORE RETURNING THE DEFECT UNIT. In case the Customer returned a Product without consent from Altai, it may result in extra charges such as warehouse storage, freight charges and possibly penalty by the Government for which the Customer will be solely responsible.
(c)Out-of-Warranty Terms
Altai shall check for the Warranty status of the Product. If it is out of warranty, Altai’s Support Centre shall inform the Customer that if after the Product is returned: (1) all costs of repair will be borne by the Customer; (2) a quotation for repair, or a quotation for replacement if the unit cannot be repaired or beyond economic repair, will be provided by Altai after pre-checking is carried out on the returned Product, and (3) if the Customer finally decided not to repair or the Product is found without fault, a pre-checking fee of US$100 per unit will be charged and the unit will be returned to the Customer at the Customer’s expenses, however, such pre-checking fee will be waived if the Customer decided to accept the quotation for repair or replacement. A reference quote for various out of warranty repair/replacements can be obtained from Altai’s sales representative to let the Customer decide whether it is justified for returning the product for repair. Please do not send back the faulty item if the reference quote is not accepted by the Customer.
(d)Shipment from the Customer shall be activated within five (5) working days from the date the ticket is validated by Altai.
(e)Upon receipt of the unit, Altai will pre-check the returned Product and send a pre-check result in form of failure severity level to the Customer;
(i)If it is under Warranty or Extended Warranty, Altai shall send the pre-check result to the Customer; or
(ii)If it is out of warranty or the cause of failure is not covered by the Warranty, Altai shall send the pre-check result to the Customer along with a quotation for the repair/replacement, and shall wait for the signing back acceptance from the Customer. If there is no reply from the Customer within ten (10) working days, it shall be deemed not accepted. If the Customer finally decides not to repair, a pre-check fee of US$100 per unit will be charged and the unit will be returned to the Customer at the Customer’s expenses. If there is no reply or the charge is not settled within the next sixty (60) days, a final reminder will be sent to the Customer and if there is still no reply within the next thirty (30) days the defective unit will be disposed at the way Altai thinks appropriate.
(f)The defective Product will be repaired, or replaced in case it cannot be repaired, and returned to the Customer.

5.2RMA Procedures for C1n series

Altai accepts RMA request for C1n series when it consists of ten (10) or more failure units, or in the case where there are fewer than ten (10) failure units, the failure units can either be returned with other Altai Product(s), or the Customer agrees to pay for the return freight. If the Customer decides not to replace an out of warranty product, or one that is not covered by the Warranty, a pre-check fee of US$10 per unit will be charged and the product will be returned to the Customer at her expenses.

5.3If any alleged defective Product is sent by Customer to Altai without going through the proper Trouble Ticket and RMA procedures, Altai has the rights to reject for any pre-check and/or repair/replacement and to ask the Customer to pay for the return freight from Altai before shipping the allegedly defective Product back.

5.4Warranty Extension

A repaired/replaced Product shall be under Warranty with expiry remains unchanged or for three months if defect is due to the same problem before, whichever is longer.

5.5Spare Parts In Lieu of Free Warranty

For C1n series, the Customer has the option, subject to Altai’s consent, to receive extra spare units with a sales order in lieu of the 12 months Free Warranty, at a rate of one percent (1%) of spare units for ordering 100 units or above. The supplied units under this arrangement can still enjoy the out of warranty repair or replacement at charge.


6. Marking, Packing and Shipping

6.1Unless otherwise specified, all defective Products returned by the Customer, or repaired/replaced Product returned by Altai, shall be packed and prepared for shipment in a manner which is: (a) in accordance with commercial practice; (b) acceptable to common carriers for shipment and in accordance with all governmental regulations; and (c) adequate to ensure safe arrival of the Products at the named destination and for storage and protection against weather. An itemized packing sheet must accompany each shipment unless otherwise specified.

6.2All defective Products returned by the Customer should be clearly marked with RMA number.


7. Turnaround Time

7.1Except in the event of a surge in quantities of returned material, running out of repair parts or unless otherwise agreed by the Customer, the turnaround time for repair/replacement is normally within twenty (20) calendar days after receipt of the defective Product in Hong Kong.

7.2The measurement points for the turnaround time are ten (10) days from the date Altai received a defective Product to complete a defect verification test; PLUS ten (10) days to repair which will be counted immediately if it is within Warranty, or from the date Altai received a signed repair/replacement quotation from the Customer if it is out of Warranty to the date Altai is ready to send out the repaired/replaced Product.


8. Miscellaneous

8.1Limitation of Liability
Altai makes no guarantee of any kind with regard to services performed. Altai shall not be liable to the Customer or any other parties, persons or organizations for any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or punitive damage arising out of the performance or non-performance of services, or the use of the Products by the Customer or any other parties.

8.2Governing Law
This Agreement will be deemed to have been entered into and will be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.



Exhibit 3: Online RMA Instructions

Part 1: Create a User Account


The ticket platform provides technical support and RMA services for our channel partners and distributors only. For the customers who did not purchase the equipment directly through us, please contact our channel partners and distributors accordingly.

Step 1

Contact our sales representatives and provide us with an email address for account setup. We prefer the Email would be your group account, i.e. support@xxx.com, info@xxx.com, so that all of your teammates can receive Email notifications upon any updates on the ticket that you created in the future.

Step 2

Once we confirm that you are our official partners or distributors, you will receive an email from us with an account activation link. Click the link and a browser window pops up for account registration.


Step 3

Double check the following mandatory contact information (marked with asterisks). You can modify it if necessary.

  • Your company name
  • Your Email address
  • Your country or region
  • Your name

Step 4

Scroll down the page and fill out the section – Default RMA Return Ship-To-Address. This information will be used when we process your RMA requests in future.


Step 5

At last, set your password and click "Update" button. Done! Your account is now activated!


Step 6

Open a browser and go to our ticket system login portal:


Click "Sign In" at the top right corner. Input your registered Email address as username and the password that you set just now. Click “Sign In” button and you should successfully log in the system. From there you can go to Part 2 to create tickets for RMA requests.


Part 2: Open an RMA Case and Submit the Ticket


  1. It is best to have the serial numbers available before you start the RMA requests. Altai Support Team needs this information to check the warranty status of the product.
  2. One product is allowed in one RMA ticket. If necessary, create multiple ones.

Step 1

Click “Open a New Ticket” on the menu bar.


Step 2

Choose “Initiate RMA” in the Help Topic section.


Step 3

Scroll down the page. In Section A, provide your contact information as follows.

  • Your company name
  • Your name and job title
  • Your phone number and email address

If the information is the same as you provided in your account profile, choose “Yes” and leave all the fields blank; Otherwise, choose “No” and fill out the information accordingly.


Step 4

In Section B, provide the contact information as follows for RMA centre returning the repaired item.

  • Shipping address and company Name
  • Contact name, phone number and email address

If the information is the same as you provided in your account profile, choose “Yes” and leave all the fields blank; Otherwise, choose “No” and fill out the information accordingly.


Step 5

In section C, provide as much information as possible about the product to be returned for RMA, i.e. product name/model, serial number and current firmware version.

Altai RMA Team will update the Warranty Expiry Date based on the provided serial number after the ticket is submitted.


Step 6

In section D, describe the problem in as much detail as possible, e.g.

  • Date of Occurrence, or when the problem is discovered
  • Severity level

    Critical:The equipment is out of order and cannot provide service to the customer anymore
    High:The equipment is rebooted and has intermittent service impact (e.g. reboot daily); OR, the performance of equipment is significantly degraded (e.g. throughput reduce less than half)
    Low:The performance of equipment is somewhat degraded but it can still provide service to the customer

  • Installation backgrounds such as how long and where the device has been installed
  • Symptoms such as LED indicator behaviour, Ethernet or wireless connectivity, etc.
  • Log files, config files, screenshots, or any other test results that have been done to troubleshoot the issue. Upload the files to the ticket if available.

Click “Create ticket” button at the bottom of the page to submit the RMA ticket. There should be an RMA number assigned to the ticket for future tracking.


Step 7

Upon receipt of the RMA ticket, Altai Support Team will review the request based on the problem description. You may be contacted for more information during the process. If the RMA is approved, you will be notified via the ticket platform and email. From then on you may start the shipment to the Altai RMA centre.